Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"The Home of the Physics of Tennis."

Hello, I’m Prof. Don R. Mueller, aka Professor Tennis. As a physics professor and tennis practitioner I teach tennis enthusiasts about the Physics of Tennis and how they might employ this knowledge to bolster their tennis game. 

Professor Tennis is dedicated to assisting tennis players in learning how they can utilize the unique Power of Physics to make profound improvements in their tennis game. Our site features a host of helpful Physics of Tennis videos, covering topics in tennis of interest to players of all skill levels. A Q&A page is also on this site. As an ambidextrous player, I have the ability to instruct both right-handed and left-handed players with equal dexterity.

Professor Tennis also gives lectures, seminars and demonstrations on the Physics of Tennis. Feel free to contact him for your tennis event.

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Don R. Mueller, Ph.D.
Phone: (845) 406-4623
Email: drmueller@optonline.net

Physics of Tennis Videos

1) The Spinning Tennis Ball: 
(Physics of the Spinning Ball)

2) The Sweet Spots of the Racket:

(Examining the Three Sweet Spots and the Dead-spot of the Tennis Racket)

3) The Whip-Grip:
(Invention by Professor Tennis to add significant power to the serve)

4) Tennis Serve: 
(Using Physics to Enhance your Tennis Serve) 

5) Get a Grip:
(Creating Top-Spin and Under-Spin) 


6) The 411 on String Tension:

(High versus Low Tension Rackets) 


7) Follow the Bouncing Ball:



8) Bouncing Ball (The Effect of Spin):

(Top-Spin and Under-spin on different surfaces)

9) Characteristics of the Tennis Racket: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Prz4WpAA9rw
(String Tension and Moments of Inertia)

Tennis is not rocket science!” exclaimed one tennis instructor I met. “That may be true for you,” I said. “Unless of course, you understand the physics of “rocket science” and then perhaps you will see how such basic principles of physics (classical mechanics, in particular) can be applied intelligently to any traditional sport, including that of tennis.”